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child developmentChild Developmental Stages

  • Child development is divided into 5 stages and it is of great importance to familiarize with these so as a parent you will know how to deal with your kids. Each stage has corresponding factors. Here are the 5 stages of your child’s developmental stages:
  • Kids development is usually kicking off from the birth of the child until he or she reaches the age of two, instructs parents executive educator of one of  the best daycares in Houston. This is called as an infancy age; the child also developing connections to his or her peers. At this stage, the child is starting to learn the basics through the process of correlation or associating things.
  • The second stage is the early childhood which is from age two to six. This is the stage wherein the child is learning to communicate through acquiring language skills. It is also noticeable that the child’s emotional maturity is also developing.
  • The next stage is called the middle childhood. This is the stage from 6-10. At this stage, the child learns how to interact with his or her peers. Interactions are also increased and as a result, child’s social skills are improved.
  • The 4th stage is the early adolescence (10-14). This is also simply called as a puberty age wherein lost of physical changes are occurring to the child.
  • The last and final stage is called the adolescence. In this stage, the child is matured; he or she deal with things around him differently. Peer’s interaction is one of the greatest factors that affect this stage.

The development of babies from infancy to adolescence is one of the most complicated processes that parents need to watch out and understand when raising kids.

Potty Training Tips

Where to Get Effective Potty Training Videos From

Potty training a child is one of the most dreaded tasks that is about to be faced by first timer parents. This kind of reaction is natural among newcomers because they don’t have any idea yet what to do and what not to do. Turning into a potty training videos could help you a lot in so many ways. Instead of reading a long manual, everything is simplified for you.

The best video tutorial that you can get is from a potty expert named Carol Cline. Carol Cline potty training method is proven to be effective because it is already used by more than 200 thousand users from 154 countries. Her video tutorial is already simplified so you no longer need to apply experimentation along the process. Following the process of 6 building blocks provided in the video will save you time and effort.

Another Helpful Resources for Your Child:

Best books for kids and books for children. Also, check this online comic book store for an amazing graphic novels that will educate and entertain your child at the same time.